SSMS stands for Silo Storage and Management System. This is our most successful software product and covers the business processes regarding all grains, meals, oils or any other bulk products or materials


  • Purchase, sale and transfers
  • Own and third party stock property management
  • Own stock management stored in third party silos
  • Operational stocks and full quality management


  • Cleaning & Drying documents
  • Cell to cell movement documents
  • Periodical cell stock measurement documents
  • Legal losses and shrinks
  • Issues automatically all legal documents required:


  • Weight bridge ticket
  • Laboratory analysis document
  • Intake and Outtake documents
  • Good delivery notes
  • Quality conformity declarations
  • Sample identification documents
  • Cereal grading forms
  • Shrink and technological losses calculation
  • Automatic calculation and invoice issuing for silo services:


  • Intake & Outtake
  • Cleaning, Drying, Gassing, Stock Movement, etc.
  • Storage
  • Stock transport
  • Direct and indirect transshipment

In conjunction the Contract Management Module, SSMS also provides live execution follow up for:

  • Purchase contracts (DAP, FCA, EXW, Warehouse certificates, etc…)
  • Sale contracts (DAP, FCA, EXW, FOB, Warehouse certificates, etc…)
  • Transport contracts (Own or rented fleet)
  • Services contracts


  • Insurance
  • Third party silo services
  • Survey
  • Other related services



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